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Create a Lifeboat!

Create a Lifeboat!


Create your very own Cardboard Lifeboat! 


Brought to you in association with The Nornen Project, find out more about the lifeboat The John Godfrey Morris and All Hands on or @Nornenproject

  • In our creation kit we include: 

    • Printable PDF template
    • 1x instruction manual

    Picture shows first prototype, actual patterns may contain slight changes, updates or alterations.

    We would love to see your creation, so please share on our platform and via our socials! 



    Safety Warning


    Please remember this creation may require the use of knives or scissors, which are sharp. Cardboard and paper can burn, glue guns get hot and hot glue can be nasty if you get it on you! 

    So where possible please have a grownup help you when required!

    Making things from cardboard is safe and fun, so long as you are aware of the risks and follow recommended safety advice.



    Every Purchase you get 100 Cardboard Points!

    Learn more about Cardboard Points

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