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How Does it Work?

How to find an adventure

To find your next adventure hit the 'Let's Get Started' button at the top of the page in our Menu!


This will show you all of our available creations. Some are free, some require a fee. Check with your grown-up before purchasing any adventure.

Learn how it works by watching the video above!

How it works!

Please choose one of our Cardboard Creations from the library, you will receive your download link and print this template on regular A4 paper, laying it out like a dress making pattern or a jigsaw, tape it together and cut the shapes out from cardboard!


Then follow illustrated PDF guide on your tablet, laptop, phone or print it yourself and create your very own Cardboard Masterpiece that can be used in your next playtime adventure!

What Kind of Cardboard do I need?

Cardboard comes in many different shapes and forms and most of them will work fine, but firmer cardboard works best; a moving box is better than a cereal box for this type of work.


And don't be too worried about putting two pieces of cardboard together to make one bigger piece, a little bit of glue and a piece of tape where the two bits join and 9/10 its just as good, and if it needs a little extra support then cut a thin strip of cardboard and glue it over the join! Works every time!

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