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Welcome to Cardboard Adventures. The online crafting website that helps you take a regular cardboard box and turn it into your next “build it yourself” play-time adventure.


Start your quest below and pick your next project! 

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Download your printable PDF, cut it out of cardboard and follow our illustrated instruction guides to start your adventure!


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Claim your Cardboard Points, share your make with us and enjoy decorating and playing with your new cardboard wonder toy!

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We love it when Cardboard Adventurers share their creations with  us and each other! Why don't you send us your creation or share them on social media!



Why customers love us

-Hear other users experiences and thoughts!


Faith & Nina

"Had a lovely time making the dragon wings for a fancy dress party, Nina just loves them!!"


The Readmans

“It was fun learning how to make a cardboard house for my daughter. She enjoyed decorating it as much as playing with it”

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